The second album from THE MOTELS and it continues the new wave mixed with a touch of rock from their first album, but this time the band has a bit more warmth and feeling. Martha Davis still has one the most incredible vocals in music and it still is a pleasure to hear her sweet tones on this album. The band on this release consists of Martha Davis (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Tim McGovern (Lead Guitar), Marty Jourard (Keyboards, Saxophone), Michael Goodroe (Bass), and Brian Glascock (Drums).

With their second album, THE MOTELS didn’t change too much that was on their debut, but the songwriting and playing matured a bit with their touring and they ended up with an album in the top 50 in America which was a definite plus for them. Songs like “Cry Baby”, and “People, Places And Things”, give them album some nice upbeat moments and the singles “Danger”, “Whose Problem?”, and “Days Are O.K. (But The Nights Were Made For Love)” are all fantastic, but the slow song “Slow Town” really lets Davis shine with her beautiful vocal performance. The band plays with such energy and emotion on this album that it ranks up there with their debut.

Another great album with beautiful remastered sound that lets you hear all of the emotion dripping from the vocals is such a pleasure. One more winner from THE MOTELS.

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