SUTURA: Suenos Podridos: CD

A great CD from SUTURA that is filled with buzzsaw guitars, forceful bass, pounding drums and a vocalist that is actually singing, not shouting and together they make melodic punk rock that gets you moving and raising a pint or three to.

These mostly short songs zip by with a huge amount of energy and every song is melodic and catchy that it was an instant hit with me. The band plays tight, but not so smooth that the fire is dampened at all, the bands charges at you with all barrels blasting and makes a glorious noise with hit after hit. Every song is great on this album which is a definite treat when you get so many bands putting only a few good songs scattered throughout their albums, but these guys put one excellent punk song after another, creating the kind of album that you play all the way through and get a real workout from. The last song just keeps playing and you get a great punk song mixed with bizarre vocals that sounds like the band was in a goofy mood and threw this on for fun.

A great album from start to finish with excellent playing and chock full of songs that will keep you coming back for more. Check out these guys for a great time and an album that you will put on repeat.

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