A great collection of four bands, KOKOSHA GLAVA and NOVI TSVETIA from Bulgaria, KAOS KOOPERATIV from Basque Country and PAUKI from Russia. A fantastic way to hear bands that you probably have never heard before and might just find a new favorite.

KOKOSHA GLAVA started in the late ’80s and is one of the legends in the Bulgarian punk scene. This disc presents their full collection of studio recordings stretched out between 1995 and 2006 and definitely has some scorchers. The songs are short, to the point and full of energy, great for cranking up and jumping around to. KAOS KOOPERATIV are a punk collective from Irun, Spain and includes members of the Spanish and the French part of the Basque Country. The songs have great gruff vocals and super tight playing, a real treat. NOVI TSVETIA has over thirty years of existence,and have not lost the energy and zeal to create blistering music. Especially for this new disc, they recorded several brand new songs of sloppy, but fun punk rock. PAUKI is one of the most famous and influential punk bands in Russia. On this album we get some of their old songs, but still incredibly tight sing along punk rock, if you can understand Russian that is.

This is a fantastic way to check out four bands playing punk rock, and hardcore that truly don’t have a sense of doing it for the money, but instead, doing it for the pure enjoyment of creating music that is great and fun to boot. Grab a copy of this and get yourself immersed in the international scene with four incredible bands.



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