Some of the seminal punk anthems of 1976 including the U.K.’s first ever punk single “New Rose” redone by the man who wrote them with today’s sound and a ton of energy. It may be a short album, but the enthusiasm and love that James gives to these songs really makes for a great listening experience.Starting with the majestic “New Rose” introduced by Gaye Advert, we get the ball rolling on a great re-interpretation of songs that are classics. “New Rose” is played with the venom and energy that will get you smiling right off the bat. “Born To Kill” adds some piano to great effect, “You Take My Money” has exemplary guitar playing and power, “Feel The Pain” has some interesting accordion playing with James just letting everything get a little loose on this track, and “Sick Of Being Sick” takes the song and amps up the ferocity and makes this a blistering track. The band and James really take control of these songs and infuse them with a modern punch that really adds to the songs and unlike others who have tried this in the past, it doesn’t take away from the great heritage of the originals. “Alone” keeps the intensity going on this album, while “I Fall”, “Fan Club” and “Neat Neat Neat” are one hot trio that will leave you speechless.

Most people will wonder, “Why bother to pick this up when I can get the originals?” The answer is because this is a great album that has the writer of some of the greatest punk songs having fun and it comes out loud and clear on these recordings. Don’t compare, just enjoy the music and turn it up loud.

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