This is the debut full length album from this Stockholm, Sweden punk band that mixes up the street punk and throws in some RANCID for a mixture that brings the fists up, the beers down your throats and the good times with them. They put out twelve tight songs that kick ass right from the start to the finish.

“Smartbomb” is like an explosion of punk rock energy blowing up your speakers with the exuberance of the playing, the great gruff vocals, the gang chorus and the melody that just grabs you. “Lost Wager” has great buzzsaw guitar playing and the gang vocals will make you sing along and get you wanting to grab a buddy, put your arms over their shoulder and raise your fists and just go wild. “Streetcorner Preacher” and “Up To You” are two songs on here that were on their self-titled EP, and they kick ass on here every bit as much as they did previously. “Fourtwentytwo” is a rip-roaring punk rock song that has a great old school punk sound mixed with some great gruff vocals. “Turncoat” has a catchy chorus that will have you shouting it out and wanting to hear it live, because if it’s this good on the album, the live version would be incredible. “The Final Hour” has energy and power, plus great gang vocals and the chiming guitar really was fantastic. The band does have a lot of RANCID’s sound on here, but they inject their own emotion and talent into every song that you can’t stop listening to them and loving every bit of this release. The band really has a ton of talent and the vocals from the band as well as the lead vocals really are outstanding on here, as well as the huge amount of melody that they infuse in every song. “Damage Control”, “Nine To Five”, and “Get Back Up” were other stand outs on the album.

The quality from this band is outstanding, from the self-titled EP to this release, not one ounce of the excellent musicianship or songwriting has faltered, they actually ramped things up a notch or two and made a great debut album that they should be proud of. I highly recommend this album and hope that they continue putting out the same high quality punk rock in the future…you’ve got a fan for life!

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