THE CIVILLAINS: Self-titled EP: 7″

This four-piece band from Stockholm, Sweden plays fast-paced and hook-filled punk rock that grabs you as soon as you hit play. This four song EP is only available as a 500 copy release, so go out and grab one.

Starting with “Sewer Rats”, a street punk song with a touch of RANCID mixed in kicks off the EP with a winner. Slightly gruff lead vocals, great background vocals, guitar playing that throws out some tasty licks, rumbling bass and thudding drums with a catchy chorus gives us a great treat of what’s to come. “Stuck On Repeat” keeps the high energy going with strong vocals and a great guitar solo with a shout along chorus. “Streetcorner Preacher” is a fantastic quick-paced song with one the fattest bass lines going throughout the song and the gang vocals really add to the great energy on this track. “Up To You” is a great song with the band playing their hearts out and the hook is just addictive, plus the great harmonica solo really gives the song the extra push into excellent.

Four songs, each one as good as the previous one and each one a new favorite song. The band does have a fair bit of RANCID overtones, but they have so much talent and energy that they totally pull it off and made a stellar EP.


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