New States cover art

STABBED IN BACK is a melodic hardcore band from Albuquerque, New Mexico and was started in 2004. THE SCANDALS are a punk rock band from Bayonne, New Jersey and was started in 2004 as well. 

STABBED IN BACK starts off their two songs with “Under The Black Flag” a fast-paced punk song that has the band playing with a vengeance, with a great guitar solo, shouted vocals with some gang vocals, pummeling drums and throbbing bass add up to a killer start. “100 Proof” is a great cover of 88 FINGERS LOUIE and keeps the intensity up with inspired playing. Up next is THE SCANDALS with their first song “The Motions” which has a harder and heavier punk sound with gruff lead vocals, lots of gang vocals and woah-ohs, thick bass, thundering drums mixed with the rumbling bass, and tasty lead guitar playing. “Needle and Thread” has those great gruff vocals and lots of background vocals, plus more inspired guitar playing.

A really short, but well done four song single that has two bands complimenting each other’s styles and having every song being high quality, not just throw aways. Totally worth checking out, so go to the website, or have your favorite store order you a copy.


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