PERDITION: Hispaniola: CD

Hispaniola cover art

This quartet from Fort Worth, Texas put out their debut ten song album filled with melodic punk and tons of humour, but they’re not just a bunch of goofs, they kick ass! With one great song after another, you can be sure that you will be smiling and rocking while listening to this album.

The album has raspy, melodic lead vocals, bouncing bass, roaring riffs and pounding drums all doing their part to give you an album that has catchy songs and captivating melodies that will have you hitting replay on this album. The band plays with heart and energy enough to give other bands a lesson in how to have fun. Although the songs are upbeat, the lyrics show a more down mood and give you a real insight to the real feelings and thoughts of the band, and making the songs not seem cynical or a drag is a definite talent that they exploit. The mix of the street punk and more melodic punk is a treat when played with the intensity and skill that PERDITION have in spades, especially because the songwriting is so good and the band truly sound like they love what they did on this album. “Gatorade Punch”, “Beartown”, “Cricket Dance”, “I Don’t Get Drunk, I Get Awesome”, “Why Buy the Cow When You Can Have the Sex for Free”, “Race For The Rabid”, and “El Oso” were great melodic punk / street punk influenced songs that got the thumbs up from me.

With the quality that PERDITION showed on this album, they are a definite crowd pleaser and have the ability to play more acoustic songs like “The Narwhal Bacons At Midnight” and the thoroughly epic “Bitch, I Hold Babies All the Time”. Grab this album, go see them if you can and support a band that truly is far from average, they really grab your attention and hold onto it.

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