THE McGUNKS: Live For Five: CD

Live for Five cover art

The MCGUNKS are a four-piece, high-energy punk rock and roll band from the Providence, RI / Boston, MA area that formed in the mid-1990s. This is their first live recording with no overdubs, and no studio crap, just the band kicking ass live.

With gruff, alcohol-soaked vocals, tons of gang vocals, and a band ripping through songs like they are trying to kill them with the power of their playing, this is the real deal, no fake crap, just guys playing their hearts out. The band does throw some cool things into the mix like the fantastic guitar playing and solo on “Man On The Side”, the cover of JUDAS PRIEST’s “Breaking The Law” called “Is Halford Gay” on here, the great banter between the band and audience, and the cover of KENNY ROGER’s “The Gambler” called ” Roger’s Roaster” on here.

For a live album, this shows that they don’t need to be perfect and super clean sounding, but this is actually really well recorded and stands head and shoulders above a lot of the live punk that has been released. I really need to see these guys live, the studio album was one reason, but hearing how good they are live just proves that I need to be at a show. Get this one and play it loud enough to make you think you are there with them, and don’t forget to drink a beer or six too.

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