GAG ORDER: Refuse To Be Silent EP: CD

GAG ORDER is a four piece hardcore punk band hailing from the gritty streets of Brantford, Ontario. At the time of this recording, the band was Brando on drums, Scottie on guitar, Glen on bass and Chico on vocals, Lukasz now handles bass and vocals, and Carpy is on drums.

You get six blistering punk / hardcore songs with thick and muscular bass, charging guitars, pummeling drums and strong, gruff, but clear vocals. The songs come at you like a steamroller coming down a steep hill at you, powerful and full of energy. The pit will not be a safe place when these guys are playing with the aggression that spews forth from GAG ORDER. The songs are actually very melodic and catchy and will have you shouting along to them and will get you trying to get a pit going with your friends. This is one of those releases where I don’t have a favorite song on it, they are all my favorites on here. “I Am The Media”, “Lies”, “Burn It Down” and “In My Head” do have really cool choruses to get you shouting them back if you see them live.

A great release that gets me pumped to hear more from them with their new members in the future. This is an old school sounding release that needs to be heard by you jaded punks that think that no one does it like the old days, these guys do, and do it great!

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