CHARGE 69: Resistance Electrique: CD

Formed in 1993 in France around bassist Caps (formerly PKRK) and drummer Laurent (former Skaferlatine), the band also includes guitarist Mumia and vocalist Verole on this album. All the songs are in French, but great punk rock transcends language barriers.

This group of guys have the gang vocals, the blazing guitar playing, the meaty bass, thundering drums and the gruff, and firm lead vocals that I just love and they play their mix of old school punk rock mixed with a touch of street punk to give this a nice hard edge mixed with melody galore. There are shout alongs (Legitime Vengeance, Sans Concession), poppier songs (Contre La Montre), and all-out ragers (Reves Laceres) all mixed together and they pull every one of them off without a hitch and expertly, but after twenty years, what else could you expect? Every song on here is stellar and has more energy than bands with half the history that they have. With this much history behind them, bands usually slow down or get arty, but these guys just continue to burn brighter than a sun going supernova.

This was a complete treat with the album being a masterful example of a band playing with feeling and talent and not just rehashing the past, but going forward at one hundred miles an hour. If this is how good they are at their twentieth anniversary, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next twenty years.

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