BEAVER SLAP is a punk rock group out of Barrie, Ontario that was founded in January of 2012.  That summer, BEAVER SLAP recorded a four song EP, with She Died Productions called The War Paint EP.

These four ladies tear through four sloppy punk songs that are rough, raw and keep the punk rock flame burning brightly. The screamed vocals from Pixie are what Chloe Webb portraying Nancy Spungen would sound like fronting a punk band with mid ’70s leanings. The rest of the band plays hard and with passion, great wobbling bass from Bex, Julie playing loosely, but with guts on guitar and the strong drumming from Cailyn. The songs are short blasts of anger and hit pretty hard, with the band giving everything they have.

All four songs are good and stand up on their own, making you wonder what an entire album from them will sound like. With luck, this band will get it together to release some more music and keep punk rock the glorious mess that it should be, not the perfectly crafted chart garbage that lacks the emotion and pure guts that BEAVER SLAP have.

1 thought on “BEAVER SLAP: War Paint EP: CD

  1. Hey we played with these ladies in Hamilton , They rock hard and the guitarist gave birth right on stage! No Guy Band can do that! … all kidding aside Get the chance to see them or Buy their CD They Kill IT!

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