COLD SUMMER: Self-titled: CD


COLD SUMMER are a self-proclaimed post hardcore band, playing heavy yet
melodic (passionate, but not pretentious) punk/hardcore influenced rock that burns with intensity. The band released their debut EP Transitions in January 2012, and in the middle of 2012, released the five track EP Wake and now have their debut long-player out.

The album opens with “The Fallen” coming in with huge drumming that pounds the senses before a guitar comes in to join the rhythmic presence of the bass and the yelled vocals add punch to this hard-hitting opener. “Waiting” emerges from the sonic wail of the guitar with the bass while the concussive beats of the drums pound the ear. The following pair of songs, “Ships” and “Processed Lives” show the evolving direction of the band’s style. “Ships” is an emotive and intelligently crafted track while the coarse tones of the riffs are edgy and compelling in “Processed Lives”. “Car Crash (In Progress)” has a touch of blues in the playing, but keeps the high power and intensity going, especially with the manically screamed vocals in parts of the song. “Waiting (Alternative Version)” has an emotive and achingly heartfelt sound to it with the piano taking a front seat and comes off as one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a long time. “Wake” brings back the yelled vocals and is played at a mid to slow pace. Last song “A Is For Arson” has a sinewy groove that grabs you and makes you want to move, dance, jump around, all of that and more and was one of my favorites on the album.

The band really made a terrific long player and shows the potential to be a massive presence with the talent shown on this release. I’ll be keeping my eye on them, and so should you!

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