BAD TERMS: Descension: Cassette

Descension cover art

BAD TERMS from Huntington, West Virginia have released their new EP on cassette and download. These seven tracks of muscular hardcore have a touch of metal in them and hit harder than Mike Tyson.

Full of breakdowns, thick bass, guitar playing that has some nice leads, but not heavy on the solos, pummeling drums and clear, shouted vocals that add up to a listening experience that will get the blood pumping and the pits rocking. The band plays with heart and conviction, plus energy to spare while the vocalist hollers in your face and everything rages in anger and intensity. The metal in present in the music, but it still has enough punk to please both camps and get the party going. The playing is tight, and the production keeps everything in its place and clear sounding, but not without sacrificing any of the ferociousness of the playing. Standouts on the album are “Descension”, “Vexation”, “Seclusion”, and “Shackled”.

Great EP with tons of strength in the songwriting and playing from these guys. This shows maturity in the songwriting and playing from their previous release and makes me want to hear a full length from them. Keep up the great work!

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