RED HARE: Nites Of Midnite: CD

Red Hare Detail Debut LP 'Nites of Midnite'

RED HARE features SWIZ members Jason Farrell on guitar (also of Bluetip and Retisonic), Shawn Brown on vocals (also of Dag Nasty and Jesus Eater), Dave Eight on bass (Swiz and Bluetip), and Joe Gorelick on drums (of Garden Variety, Retisonic, and Bluetip). The band’s eight-song debut, Nites of Midnite was mixed by J. Robbins at Magpie Cage studio in Baltimore, Maryland.

“Horace” is the first song on the album and the guitar playing is incredible, lots of energy and great leads, yelled vocals, the bass is heavy and the drumming is wild and makes this one hell of a frenzied attack of a first song. “Be Half” has angry vocals that sound close to being out of control, the playing from everyone on this track is stellar, with things going from fast to slow to crazed and it was one of the best on here. “Nites of Midnite” has great bass playing throughout the song, thick and heavy and it’s great to see it get to be a major component of this song, the guitar playing is hard, and shows the talent that Farrell has. “Message to the Brick” is a nice fast-paced song that you could get up and dance around in the pit to, plus the melody is killer as well. You can hear the skill that this band has on tap while listening to this album, with the band playing at a level that others can only dream of. The melodies, the lyrics and the intensity in which they play really grabs you and makes this a treat to listen to. “Hello Disaster”, and closer “Fuck Your Career” were two more outstanding songs on this release.

The brilliant and dynamic power that RED HARE has on this release shows a blistering amount of fury based on the experience that they’ve had in other bands and melts your head with just how intense it is. You can start playing the album on any song and there is your new favorite song playing for you. Grab this album and hear how these guys became your new number one band.

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