BOURBON DK: Hooligans: CD

BOURBON DK was formed in the summer of 2010 and their debut E.P. entitled “Hooligans” was released in 2012. This punk band from Burlington, Ontario has created a blend of ska and oi mixed together by Jeff Cooper on vocals, Maximus Crime on guitar and background vocals, Eric McKay on bass and Adam White on drums.

“Hooligans” kicks off the CD with gruff and gang vocals, strong drumming and bass, and guitar playing that has energy to spare on this fast punk / oi blend. “Hate The Racist” has a touch of ska mixed in with the oi, a great and catchy chorus, and a definite statement in the lyrics that is hard to miss…I think that they don’t like racists…lol. “Pride Without Prejudice” continues the anti-hate message and is a great oi song with more gang vocals that dare you to not shout along to and great power in the playing. “Police State” is almost a total hardcore song in parts, but then the ska tempers that back down in speed, but the aggression is still there. “Drink & Destroy” has the mix of ska and fast punk, but not quite hardcore going and the slamming would be fantastic live during this song. “Fugly’s Basement” ends off the E.P. starts with a nice slow ska beat then gets fast and turns into a great sing-a-long song that was a highlight of the album with the excellent playing and general chaos of the song.

The E.P. was filled with gruff, roaring vocals, blistering guitar, thick, rhythmic bass lines and destructive percussion, along with great lyrics and the bits of ska mixed to make it one of those repeat play albums that are getting harder to find nowadays. I can only hope that the quality that is on this six song E.P. continues and can’t wait to hear more from them in the future.

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