MOLLY HATCHET: Paying Tribute: CD

MOLLY HATCHET recorded this album back in 2008 to pay tribute to their old favorites and is a mix of songs by ZZ TOP, MOUNTAIN, THIN LIZZY, THE ROLLING STONES and THE EAGLES, GEORGE THOROGOOD, ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND, as well as three live bonus tracks from MOLLY HATCHET’s back catalog. The band was at the time; Bobby Ingram and Dave Hlubeck (sole original member), guitars, vocalist Phil McCormack, bassist Tim Lindsey, drummer Shawn Beamer and keyboard player John Galvin.

The band gives us songs from bands that both influenced them and they loved and did them up the HATCHET way. Lots of muscular playing on the songs with them playing them fairly straight forward and with true affection for what they are doing. The guitars shine, Phil McCormack’s voice is in top-notch form, and Beamer’s drumming really shines as well. They really do a great job going from style to style, giving every song the care that they deserve from a band that never fails to deliver. The live songs are top-notch as well, great sound and performance made them a treat and I was glad that they added them as a bonus.

If you are a fan of either MOLLY HATCHET or of the original songs, this is a great collection and shows just how versatile the band is by choosing obvious, but a great selection of tracks. This is one release that rocks from start to finish and is recommended.

Track List
Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ TOP)
The Boys Are Back in Town (THIN LIZZY)
Desperado (THE EAGLES)
Bad to the Bone (GEORGE THOROGOOD)
Dreams I´ll Never See (ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND)
Mississippi Queen (MOUNTAIN)
Tequila Sunrise (THE EAGLES)

Live Bonus racks
Whiskey Man
Beatin´ the Odds
Flirtin´ with Disaster

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