DEATH RAY VISION: Get Lost Or Get Dead: CD

Death Ray Vision - Get Lost Or Get Dead - Artwork

Current members of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, SHADOWS FALL and ex-members of OVERCAST and CANNAE have combined forces in the new project DEATH RAY VISION. You get five metalcore songs in just under fifteen minutes, so no screwing around on here.

“Shattered Frames” has buzzsaw riffs and galloping rhythms that take you to a great chorus and mosh parts. “Get Lost Or Get Dead” is a foot on the throat, all-out hardcore song that comes at you at maximum speed and has great bass, guitar licks, powerful drumming and the gang vocals are great. “Not For Glory” has a nice guitar lick at the beginning then goes into some kick ass thrashy metalcore that will get the pit going crazy. “Chainsaw Of Bees” is an instrumental that you can see being a great intro for the band to get the crowd pumped up and moshing. “Drown The Light” goes right for the jugular with the band getting hard and heavy with the bass and drums devastating your eardrums, the guitarist throwing the great leads out and the gruff vocals giving us the last fuck you before ending off this E.P.

This is a great tease that makes you cry out for more from them in the future. The guys really gelled and made this sound like a real band, not like a throwaway piece of fluff. Power and excellent musicianship take this to the pit for a slamming good time for all.


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