VANITY RIOTS from Sydney, Australia have been around since December 1, 2010 and released their debut E.P. in 2011 and video for the single in 2012. This new release features Monica Strut on vocals, David Connolly on bass, Jase Canelas on drums, and Joe Santos and Ben Chard on guitars.

“Ambulance” is the start to the E.P. and it has a huge sound, thick bass, great guitar playing, hard-hitting drums, strong vocals and is so damn catchy that I was singing along with it and banging my head…what a great start. “Bloodsucker” keeps the heavy, but melodic flow going with more great solos and a nice little quiet break in the song that then goes back into the explosive playing. “I Love You Almost As Much As I Love Me” starts off with some sweet guitar playing then breaks into a song that goes into heavy metal territory more so than on the previous songs and really shows that they can keep up with the big boys and even surpass a lot of bands with this kind of talent. The sweet and hard-edged vocals, the mind numbing guitar playing and the heavy combination of the bass and drums really make this one of those gotta play it again albums, especially with all of the hooks in every song. “You’re Poison” has a great, heavy beginning that turns into a slower and quieter song, but that is only a sham, the band comes back in with a wall of sound and pushes you back down into your chair, and keeps this going back and forth throughout the song. The vocals and the guitar playing are definite standouts on this song. “Revival” is the last song and it is a fast song with a ton of power and energy that makes the ending bittersweet because you just heard an excellent collection of songs, but you still want more.

This was one of the best E.P.s that I’ve heard and one of the best bands that I’ve heard in a long time. Why bands like this remain unsigned and so many lousy bands continue to have success is beyond me. The band plays with exuberance and skill that other bands could never replicate, this is such a great release, you need to go out and get it.

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