SUBCULTURE: Just Play The Music…E.P.: 7″


The band was formed in 1980 and in the spring of 1982, the band were invited to contribute a track on the fourth Oi! album, “Oi, Oi, That’s Yer Lot!” The band split at the end of 1983, and in 2011, released a retrospective CD entitled “From Herbert Street to the 100 Club” on Council House Records. What started as a CD only project turned into a full reunion, and luckily, new music.

“Hidden Agenda” has the old Oi sound and it’s mixed with a bit of the early JAM harmonies, the chorus is catchy, great use of backing vocals, the bass and drums are tight and powerful and the guitar has energy to spare. “Just Play The Music” has more of the classic Oi sound, blistering guitar playing, great vocals, hard-hitting drumming and is super catchy. “Revolution Beat” has a great guitar solo, and a chorus that you can shout from the terraces while throwing a brick. “Take The World” has the thickest and the most Oi power for your buck on the album, chiming guitar, powerful leads and solo, heavy bass, smashing drums and the best vocals on the E.P.

This is a great return to form for this band and gets me excited to hear more from them in the future. A lot of bands get back together and just play their old stuff or release crap that ruins the band for a lot of fans, but SUBCULTURE really got it right and those other bands should take note.

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