PUKE N RALLY: Termite Queen: CD

This group of guys from Petaluma, California have just put out their new album loaded with songs to charm the pants off of the hooker on the corner. Fifteen songs of punk rock fun, fit for the whole family.

“G.A.S.” starts off the fun and games with a chaotic jumble of sounds, screams, dual vocals, and a band playing like they just picked up their instruments yesterday…awesome! “Nazi Girls” with the chorus of “Fuck ’em and leave ’em” is classic on this fast-paced insane track. “Dicks” is a great beat the hell out of your instruments song, and “Awesome Aid” has a crunchy guitar sound, blazing drums and would make the pit a ton of fun. The band plays with intensity and a surprising amount of hooks that stick to you like gum on your shoe in the summer. They blaze through these songs with total abandon and you up into their vortex of insanity and it feels good. “Broken Robot”, “Smash ‘Em”, “There’s No E In Smiling”, “Fuck You Joe”, “Hellspace” and closer “Run” were all highlights on this album, but don’t think that the others weren’t as good, they were, these just were the ones that grabbed me today, that could change at any time.

This group of guys really put out an album of punk rock influenced hardcore that really takes it sound from the old days and bands like DAYGLO ABORTIONS and keeps it fresh sounding. They don’t go in for the tough guy stuff or the political noise either, just good time, fun music that gets you up and shouting along to the songs.

https://www.facebook.com/Pukenrally  http://pukenrally.bandcamp.com/

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