DIAMOND DOLL is a female fronted hard rock band from Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. The band formed in 2010 and features three of four members of the now disbanded OXBOY and now they have released their four song debut EP.

“Possession” starts off the E.P. with the galloping drums, thick bass and tasty guitar playing and then it hits you, Tyley’s scream and then we’re off. With vocals that go from screams to yelling, to smooth and sweet sounding…wow! The band rages behind her and creates a blend of metal, hardcore and fury that it’s an incredible beginning. “Anything” starts with vocals and drums, then the vocals start getting stronger, the band plays behind her, then the scream gets things really going with the chant of “I can be anything” giving the song the amazingly powerful lyrics real meaning. “Society” has rugged bass, insane drumming, screaming, and some nice licks thrown in and is a nice slow burning song. Last up is “Twist” with some nice effects on the guitar, strong drumming and is a heavy song that feels like it’s pulling you down to kick your ass.

This four-piece band really throws down the gauntlet to other bands and says that they’re hungry and coming after you. The pure adrenaline and anger that they have on these four songs is nothing less than incredible and if this is what a recording sounds like, imagine what they band sounds like live.

https://www.facebook.com/diamonddollband  http://diamonddoll.bandcamp.com/

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