THE CLASSLESS: Self-titled: CD

the Classless - "Classless" cover art

First full length album from Indianapolis punk rockers THE CLASSLESS. Nine songs of punk rock that will get in your head and make you crazy.

“Fuck What Ya Heard” is a super fast and spirited song with great gang vocals and playing that made me just turn up the volume and get crazy while listening. “Falling Apart” has rough edged lead vocals mixed with gang vocals, great guitar playing, awesome drumming and throbbing bass and just kept the energy level at 1000. ” Saturday Night” has great woah-ohs, a thick sound and will get your fist up in the air and shouting along with them. “When It’s My Time” has great leads, lots of gang vocals and woah-ohs, and the bass and drums have the song racing with their conjoined power. These guys really play with a ferocious amount of enthusiasm and talent, have great songs and knocked my socks off. Great job on the production, everything is given space, the band is clear sounding and the muscular playing really makes the band stand out. “Sinner Street”, “Backdraft”, and “No Applause” were all high points for me.

This was a fantastic album from a band that I had never heard about and had no preconceptions of. It’s always a real treat when you get sent something and you just have to say, “Damn!” when you put it on. Go check them out, get their album and play it until you know all of the words.

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