RIDE A TIGER: …This Shit’s Stupid: CD

Ride A Tiger - "This Shit is Stupid" cover art

Recorded in 2012, this is the debut E.P. of five piece punk / hardcore band RIDE A TIGER from Dayton, Ohio. It features four originals and a bonus cover track recorded live.

“Hold Your Tongue and Say Pirate Ship” starts off the E.P. and has great rough edged vocals, crunchy guitar with great leads, thick bass and drums that bash away with abandon, all creating a glorious noise that has a ton of energy and anger. “Porkins Ain’t Coming Home From This One” is really heavy with a touch of metal adding to the hardcore, really gruff vocals shouted out and nice chugging guitar work with nice breakdowns and punishing drums. “Voldomorte is a Dick Because He Has No Nose” has enough energy to power your electricity for a week, such a cool track, “The Lady in Red” just keeps the destructive power of this group going and adds in some excellent gang vocals. The last track, “Sometimes” is recorded live and has a ton of energy and shows how good they would be to see in a club somewhere.

This had great production and playing all the way through and the amount of intensity that they played with was fantastic. It had the right amount of songs for a teaser, just enough to make you love them, and then be pissed off because you want more.

https://www.facebook.com/RideATiger  https://www.facebook.com/fmrecordings

http://fmrecords.bandcamp.com/  http://www.fmrecordings.com/

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