DANNY THOMPSON: It Came From Sloppy Seconds: CD

It Came From Sloppy Seconds! cover art

Danny Thompson was a major member of the punk band SLOPPY SECONDS and he recorded this album in 1996 as a solo effort after leaving the band. This fusion of rockabilly and punk covers has been passed around to friends and family, but never seen a real release until now!

We kick things off with “When Worlds Collide”, a punk charged rockabilly song that has incredible guitar playing and made for a very impressive start to the album with the power and inspired playing. “Ariva Derci Baby” Is another fast paced song that has a ton of energy and makes you want to get up and jump around. “Angie Baby” is a nice slow burner that just gets better as you listen to it and is definitely one of my favorites on here, such great playing and potency in the playing. “Forgive Me Father” has a tasty buzzsaw guitar with some nice licks thrown out, and spirited playing. This is such a well-played album that you wonder why this has not had an official release until now. The playing, the vocals and the song selection are stellar, and the clear production just gives it the sheen of a major release. “True Romance”, “Rockabilly Cool”, “Born To Lose”, “Clock On The Wall”, and “Getting Head From The Dead” were all stellar tracks, but you can’t go wrong with the others not mentioned either.

This really was a treat that I’m now going to put in the car and listen to it as much as possible. I was a fan of SLOPPY SECONDS and now that they’re gone, this is one of my new favorites that I will be forcing people to listen to as much as possible. For a good time, you need to get this album and play the hell out of it!



http://fmrecords.bandcamp.com/  http://www.fmrecordings.com/

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