DANNY THOMPSON: Bigger Than Elvis: CD


Danny Thompson’s first real band was SLOPPY SECONDS, a ’70s punk and ’50s rock influenced group that Thompson helped form in 1983, after ten years, that band ended. He’s been in a bunch of other bands since then and is still releasing fun music, including this limited run CD of 100 copies.

“So Glad You’re Mine” is the start of a CD filled with the ghost of Elvis, and it’s a great rock’n’roll song that brings the essence of Elvis’ early material back to life. Great playing and an actual love for the music brings a smile to your face. “Don’t Be Cruel” just sounds fantastic with the total ability to update the song enough to give it a bit more edge without losing the strength of the original, plus the guitar playing is beautiful. “Return To Sender” has great drumming and the background singers made me smile when they came in for their lines. “I Beg Of You” is a hip-shaking fun song that makes you want to get up and dance to. “Lonesome Train” is a nice high energy song the just keeps a galloping beat and more of that great guitar playing that has gone throughout the album. Thompson proves his love for Elvis and his ability to play guitar with finesse and skill that puts others to shame. The album just is one fun and well-played song after another that it’s a complete treat to listen to, it’s great to hear this early rock music played with this level of talent and love for the music. “Wild One” adds some punk rock to the song and really kicks ass with the high energy of the playing, especially the wild solo. “American Girl” by TOM PETTY is a great cover with power and the combination of the Elvis and PETTY vocals really made this a stand out track. After fifteen songs that were a delight to hear and not one filler track in the bunch, we get ten tracks recorded live and give you the idea of how great he would be to see in person. The songs are recorded well, not a lousy recording at all, which is impressive with how well everything sounds, it really made for a treat for a change. You can hear how much fun everyone had at this gig and the playing was terrific as well.

I really can’t give this more glowing praise than to go out and buy this CD and turn it up loud and enjoy the great time that you will have listening to it. Go see Thompson live, but just don’t call him Elvis!



2 thoughts on “DANNY THOMPSON: Bigger Than Elvis: CD

  1. I think it’s important to note that The Drummer is Mark Cutsinger and the Bassist is Tufty, both from the Zero Boys, and the other guitarist is Thom Woodard. What I appreciate the most about this review is that you have tapped into what it’s all about… the FUN! Thank you!!

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