NACHTGESCHREI: Aus Schwaerzester Nacht: CD

NACHTGESCHREI are a medieval metal band hailing from Frankfurt, Germany. The band consists of seven members, who pour their blood, sweat and tears into their fourth full length album of original music, and are signed by Massacre Records.

Opening up the album is the track “Sirene” has a pumping riff, great clean vocals and steady drumming that is also quite powerful making this a solid opener that’s very catchy as well. “Die Geister Die Uns Riefen” has a great driving beat, and sounds like it would be one of those songs that when they play it live, the crowd would be up on their feet shouting along with the band. “Flamme” comes in with an a capella vocal track, which then is met by a driving guitar riff and has a prog rock feel to it with the organ and the space given to the players, but still had a lot of power. “Spieler” sounds like DEEP PURPLE’s older songs a bit with the organ playing and the hard rock sound, but still has enough of their own sound to make it a fist in the air song. “In Meinen Liedern” is a mid-paced song that would get the lighters out live and has a fantastic bit of organ playing and smoking guitar playing. “In Die Schwaerze Der Nacht” has nice accordion in the background, powerful drumming, and crunchy guitar playing. “Der Ruf” offers up a nice pace changer with its slower speed, strong guitar work, and emotion filled vocals that really add to the songs overall appeal. “Am Ende Der Zeit” offers up the heaviest song for the band on this record so far with the strong vocal delivery that is very emotional and gritty with the band playing potently behind him. “Unter Deinem Licht” is a mellow, laid back song with haunting flute and an acoustic guitar playing together along with the longing vocals that stays that away until a little over half of the song is over, then the rest of the band come crashing through, adding a nice bit of heaviness to the song. “Na Sdorowje” is a heavy metal instrumental jig that will get you dancing and even raise a pint or two up for it. “Am Rand Der Welt” is a laid back acoustic rock song in the beginning that turns into a harder and more rocking song close to the end, and the singer’s vocals convey a sense of energy and passion that really makes the song. “Fuer Alle Zeit” comes charging in with crushing guitars, a nice accordion melody, heavy-hitting drums and strong vocals to make this a punchy and catchy song. “Als in Der Nur Leere War” is a heavy song with thick bass, great riffs, crushing drums and powerful vocals. “Ungebrochen” is a lighters in the air, shout along with the band and close your eyes and float away song that varies between hard and heavy and softer and is a standout. Next is the acoustic version of “Herbst”, which is driven by acoustic guitar and the vocalist’s passionate singing and raw energy. “In die Schwärze der Nacht (Orchester edit)” which adds a bit more depth to the song with addition of the orchestra. 

The vocals are clean sounding, the production has a strong, heavy and professional sound where you can hear all of the instruments that are on this album, and the lyrics are written in German and cover paganism and medieval themes, so if you can understand them, you can sing along easily with them. This was varied and kept my interest from start to finish of the album and was a definite pleasure to listen to and is highly recommended.

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