KNIVES OUT: Here Again: CD

KNIVES OUT is a punk rock band formed in 2007 in Lugano, Switzerland. The band consists of Dexter on vocals, Samy Chaos and Jonas on guitars, Luca  on bass and Luo on drums. Since this recording, Jonas has left and been replaced by Thomas on guitar. They had a demo out in 2009 and this is their debut full length album of twelve punk and hardcore mixed songs.

“I’m Here” kicks things off with power and a band putting everything into their music. The gruff vocals, woah-ohs, great solo, throbbing bass, punishing drums and the melodic guitar playing made this on a winner. “Desolate Road” is another song that gets going and grabs your attention with the terrific playing. “Wait” has great energy, a chorus that gets stuck in your head, background vocals that ring out, and super fast playing that’s crunchy and melodic. “Walking Away” is a blistering track that is catchy and one of my favorites on here. The band really gets the feet tapping and makes you want to turn this up loud and jump around while listening with their non-stop attack on your senses. “United We Stand” is about punks and skins sticking together to strengthen a scene that’s falling apart with no record stores and zines supporting the music anymore, a great thing to sing about and it’s a great song to boot. “Rob”, “Foe”, “I’ll Die Tonight”, and “Welcome to the Crew” were other standouts on the album.

Very well-played and produced with heartfelt and well thought out lyrics put this above a lot of mediocre bands that fall into the generic too often. These guys really put out a release with power and melody that really grabbed me and showed that you can put a lot of thought into your release and make it great and show others how to do it.

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