A five piece satanic death metal band from Mexico that has released their debut full length album after having put out a demo previously. The album is divided into nine chapters of brutality from five guys playing their souls out…lol.

The intro is ominous and leads into a blistering guitar solo which kicks off the devastation that is on display. Deep, guttural vocals, thundering drums and the thick bass also blew me away in this first track. “Ceremony of The Impure” has chants and double kick drumming that show the level of skill the drummer possesses in this particular track along with the evil vocals that are spat out with fury. “Towards Battlefields” has killer grind beats that give the song more depth and the pounding drums along with the raw guitars really give this track the brutality that it deserves.  “Ravenous Apocalyptic Raids” is a short track with a movie sample and keeps the heaviness going right into “Purification by the Sword” which has another sample and fantastic guitar playing. This band really shows its brutality and anger on this album, along with intense playing that just drips of evil and venom. The guys really put everything into the playing and the all over sound of this album, making it one of the heaviest and most intense albums that I’ve heard in a long time. “Leviathans Coronation” is a swirling and devastating song of intensity that grabbed me and made the hairs stand on end on my arm with the wickedness of the song and the incredible playing. The next two songs just keep the energy and anger going until the last song, “Necropolis Rising” which has some of the best guitar playing on the album, almost traditional heavy metal playing that fades into the most beautiful violin playing at the end…what a finish to an incredible album.

They have great harmonies and powerful riffs, thundering drumming, rumbling bass, and vocals that will give you nightmares, the perfect death metal album to give to grandma! This is one of those albums that will stand the test of time and you will dig it out to replay it for many years to come.

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