MONARCH is a four-piece melodic hardcore band from Southern NH / Northern MA. Over the past year they’ve put out two five track E.P.s using the writings of their vocalist’s grandfather.

“Incarnadine” kicks things off and it kicks you in the gonads right away with the power and ferocity that the band brings to this song. The song is one hell of a great start to the E,P. that just keeps going right into the next song. “Love” with the band still raging on this track with the power tempered by a bit of slowed down beats that show off the bands playing prowess. “The Virgin and the Profligate” isn’t an all-out fast song, but the intensity that they play on it just gives it a passionate feel. “Volunteer” brings the aggressiveness back and they’re out to get you into the pit with the energy that this song gives off. “Happenstance” ends things with more restrain and melody, but the power that they bring to their playing just grabs you.

The band really has an ear for melody that shines through the E.P. and the lyrics are very interesting and should be read while listening, which you can do on their Bandcamp site. This was a very impressive collection of songs that will be played frequently around my house and you should grab a copy and do the same at your house. These guys are the real deal, don’t miss out!

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