ATIUS: Gods of Science: CD


ATIUS hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, have released their self-financed first album after releasing one demo back in 2005. This black metal band has been around since 2003 and it’s about time that they got their debut album out, don’t you think?

The opener “Descending To Triumph” comes along with its slow-paced power that locks into a nice thick groove with growled vocals, thundering drums and the crunchy guitar playing. “Condemned” and “The Forsaken” start to blacken the sound more and more with the fast pace and machine gun drumming, the fantastic leads and the head banging thrill that they create. “Gods Of Science” has a great mellow piece in the middle of this awesome song that really came as a treat and a surprise because it gave you a breather from the intensity of the track and then right back into to morass. “The World Forgotten” is a fantastic and brutal track that had the band playing full-tilt and was one of my favorites on the album. The band just seems to have thrown all of the songs that they thought were killers and put them on this album, luckily, I totally agree with them! The band is playing with energy and power and you can’t help banging your head along to this album.

The blistering leads, the growled, guttural vocals, thundering drums and bass really put this album into the reply pile. They got a great production job on here as well and they prove that after all the years together, that a great album was inside them all of the time…about damn time!



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