Yuri Ulisses André “YUA” is a Brazilian musician, multi-instrumentalist, and singer who is the lead vocalist, guitarist, songwriter and founder of the pop punk / hardcore band NARINAS and now lives in Hollywood, CA. Yuri currently just finished his first EP entitled All In while attending Musicians Institute, which he wrote, produced and recorded all the songs on it throughout the program, and now plans to form a new band under the same name.

“Afraid Of Dying” kicks things off with some nice snotty vocals and manic drumming, thick bass and speedy leads that get things off to a great start. “Endless Nightmare” keeps up the quality of the first song and brings in more melody than most pop punk bands are able to incorporate into their entire albums, and the catchy chorus just adds to this awesome song. “Haunting Till (Feat. McKail Seely)” has pummeling drums and the added vocals of McKail Seely add another dimension to the song that takes the buzzing guitars and brings in a nice acoustic sound for a few seconds, then back into the melodic punk with added piano that really made this a gripping song. “It’s Time” is a bonus track and it’s a great acoustic track of vocals and guitar and ends the EP off perfectly.

YUA did such a mind-blowing job on this EP that I would love to give him a round of applause for all of the work and love that was put into this carefully created gem. It’s great to see that the DIY ethic has not gone away and some people go beyond the mediocre and shoot for the stars.

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