KILL THE CURSE: Of Conformity And Death: CD

KILL THE CURSE was formed by members and ex-members of such Finnish heavy hardcore stalwarts as BOLT, ENDSTAND, COLD INSIDE,SECURITY THREAT and ON A SOLID ROCK. What we get is eight songs played by Kalle Pennanen on vocals, Lauri Louekari on drums, Miikka Hietanen on guitar, and Tapio Vartiainen on bass.

“Titanism” kicks off the album with its heavy, relentless approach which makes the statement that they’re ready to rip your face off right from the beginning with some groove ridden hardcore. “The Curse of Man” continues the heavy, in-your-face approach and has them playing slow at first, then breaking into a fast track that would make you tired in the pit. “Existence Horror” the riffing on this song is awesome, just such a delight to hear the clean, crisp sounds coming out of the guitar, mixed with the growling, deep vocals just got my head nodding along. “When Ends Turn Into Means” is a very thick sounding song with a lot of anger in the lyrics. “Becoming a Monster” has melodic riffs that plunge into heavier mosh parts and make me think of how much METALLICA would kill to be this heavy on their last album. “The Dissident” is a fast rager of a song that gallops along and takes you with it for a great ride into the hemisphere of the band, circling the planet mosh. “The Stench of Fear” is another bitingly angry song that would be brutal in a pit, and finally we have the last song “Escaping the Desert,” which ends the album with one last burst of power that has more of a heavy metal song than a hardcore song, with the guitar playing bringing that style to mind.

Lyrically and musically, this was one of the better hardcore albums that I’ve heard in a long time. This was one of those albums that when you look at it you think that it might be ok, but then you put it on and it blows you away.

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