I.D.N.S.: Indoctrinations: Cassette

Toronto, Ontario’s I.D.N.S. lay down some heavy and brutal political crust punk that will get stuck in your player and make you rip the volume knob off. They made the red, paper sleeves of the cassette and folded and glued them together and included the great lyrics.

This is harsh and passionate, fast-paced and the vocals are screamed in such a way that you need the lyric sheet to get the message, but you can hear how angry his is and the rest of the band are in the playing. You get six songs that are equally strong and filled with rage that would make getting close to the stage a very precarious situation because you can just imagine what the pit would be like, a swirling morass of bodies careening off of one another while the band plays at high velocity.

Go out and grab this release and feel anger that will be contagious enough to infect you when you play it. Great sound bites thrown in-between the songs as well, especially the George Carlin bit.

http://idnscrust.bandcamp.com/  http://idnscrust.blogspot.ca/

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