WARM SODA: Someone For You: LP

"Someone For You" cover art

Matthew Melton who was in the band BARE WIRES has got himself a new group and what a group it is! These four guys play some of the best power pop that I have heard ever.

There are a few nods to CHEAP TRICK, THE KNACK, THE QUICK and DWIGHT TWILLEY. You can drop the needle anywhere you want on this album and find your new favorite song because of the non-stop great songs on this release. I love the song “Jeanie Loves Pop”; it has a ton of energy, great playing and one of the catchiest choruses that I’ve heard in a long time. The band is super tight, great guitar licks thrown out left and right; strong drumming, bouncing bass and smooth vocals all made this a treat to listen to. The production is crystal clear; everything is mixed really well together giving the album the punch it needs to stick to your ears. This ballad-free twenty-eight minute, twelve song album has to be heard by you, just check out these other songs, “Violent Blue,” ” Waiting for Your Call,” “Star Gazer,” and “Only in Your Mind.”

WARM SODA is one of my favorite bands right now, this is a classic release that stands up with some of the best power pop releases, and will get played a ton at my house and you should grab it and play the hell out of it at your house too.

https://www.facebook.com/warmsoda777  http://warmsoda.bandcamp.com/

http://www.warmsoda.org/  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Castle-Face-Records/274495015919012


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