RUN, FOREVER: Settling: LP

Settling cover art

Some very earnest and heartfelt indie pop with a little bit of punk mixed in from RUN, FOREVER on this very short album.

You get ten songs in just over twenty-six minutes so you know that they aren’t going to mess around when it comes to this album. Most of the songs are very big sounding, very much room filling anthems that would sound great in a live setting. There are a few acoustic songs on here that show a different side to this band, the song “Braddock Beach” has a great feel to it, you just start getting hypnotized by the vocal and the acoustic guitar. Some other stand out tracks were “Good Enough,” “Settling,” “Postcards” and “Braddock Beach”.

These guys have done a great job on this release, being able to show their more emotional, sensitive side and mixing it up with some great fast songs. This is a very ambitious album that a lot of bands couldn’t pull off, bit RUN, FOREVER have done it and very well I might add.


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