DEADLANDS: Evilution: CD


Sacramento, California’s DEADLANDS was formed in the summer of 2010 by lead vocalist Brian O’Connor (CONSFEARACY, ex-VICIOUS RUMORS), lead guitarist Michael J. Gardner (THE COUNCIL), lead guitarist Kevin Rohr (SPECTRE), bassist Steve “Dedbass” Northam and drummer Danny Sablan (HATEFX, THE COUNCIL). They have just released their ten song debut full length CD on Massacre Records after playing festivals and opening for numerous bands.

Just playing this one time through, I was impressed by the aggressive guitar playing, the heavy riffs, the shredding and the aggressive singing by this band. There is some blazing guitar on the opening track “Pandemic Genocide.” Some songs that stood out were “Final  Solution,” “Shes On Fire” and “Legions Of The Damned”. The drums range from mid-paced to fast with some blast beats being used at times, but not too much, while the bass has a very strong and powerful sound with heaviness that you can feel and hear throughout the recording, the guitars range from mid-paced to speedy riffs that combine  thrash, groove and power metal together and are very melodic sounding at the same time. The vocals range from thrash style screams and growls, to clean singing vocals, the lyrics cover politics, patriotism and war, and the production has strong, powerful, heavy and professional sound where you can hear all of the band playing their hearts out.

A great debut album with their powerful mix of power metal and thrash that will get you to throw the horns and bang your head along with the blistering tracks on here. They also do a great cover of DIO’s “The Last In Line” as the last song on the album…go get it!

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