THE JEALOUS SOUND: A Gentle Reminder: CD

This is a re-release of their debut album with bonus tracks. The new deluxe digipak version will include 4 bonus tracks including a brand new song and the 2008 Got Friends EP and the double vinyl LP version will include those as well as 2 remixes of the song “Got Friends” including one by Jimmy Tamborello of the POSTAL SERVICE and features Nate Mendel of FOO FIGHTERS/SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE on bass.

This is one of the best melodic rock albums that I have heard in years, it really was a pleasure to hear this album with all the bonus songs because it all flows together so well and seamlessly, it was like it was meant to be released like this all along. The vocals are so smooth and inviting that it drew me in, especially with the quality of the lyrics, the band really played their heart out on these songs with so much emotion and feeling going into every one of the songs. “Perfect Timing,” with its rumbling bass-led verses and explosive chorus was a treat, “Change You,” has a pounding drum beat and gritty guitar riffs, “Beautiful Morning,” starts with distorted guitar riffs and then explodes into the chorus, “Promise of The West,” and “This Is Where It Starts,” were just some of the songs that stood out for me.

I really have to say that this is one of my favorite albums right now and I plan on playing this a lot and to as many people as I can.

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