BAD POWERS: Self-titled: CD


MADE OUT OF BABIES broke up earlier last year because of musical differences with their ex-singer, but they have returned with a new vocalist in Megan Tweed from THE FAMILY CURSE.

They have a sound that brings to mind SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES and X MAL DEUTCHSLAND on this album, from the vocals to the arrangements, but they still keep their own personality. Tweed does the vocals with a large nod to those groups, but she can get out there and scream here head off during songs that have more of a metal sound to them. There is a lot of depth on this album, you get the gothic, post punk mixed with some rock and metal as well as some noise rock thrown in and it makes for an exciting album to listen to. There are so many variations of styles on here that the album never gets boring, especially the way the band handles all of the twists and turns so well.

These guys can really play and bring a lot of talent to this album, as well as a good production job that kept things a little dark and that helps them have some nice atmospheric parts on here. This is a great debut; let’s see if they can keep it up on future releases, I hope so.

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