WHITE SHAG: Self-titled: CD

WHITE SHAG began in 2009 in Michigan and have put out their debut self-titled four song EP of high energy rock music.

“Die For Me” is the blistering first track on their EP, with its fast pace and vocalist and bassist Laura Mendoza’s vocals that are strong, sexy and have a bit of Cherie Currie from THE RUNAWAYS feel to them, her fat bass playing gives the songs a heaviness, Jorge Cortez’s guitar playing is stellar, lots of solos and tasty leads, and Joe Leone’s drumming propels the band into the stratosphere. “Penetration” is a great song with Cortez just going wild on the guitar, and Mendoza’s vocals being sharp, biting and gritty with a great hard rock song that you just have to turn up to eleven. “’78 Trans Am” has a great groove that you could get up and dance to and work up a sweat to, and “Violate Me” is a fuzzed out hard rock song that makes me wish that I still had long hair to whip around while listening to it and this song was just the perfect cap to an EP that just teases you with how good WHITE SHAG are.

They need to put out a full-length, no, I need them to put out a full-length album, I need more of this! The songs have massive riffs, hooks galore and keep the tradition of incredible Detroit bands going. Grab this EP, go see them live and tell them that you want more music from them.

https://www.facebook.com/WhiteShag  http://www.whiteshag.com/fr_home.cfm

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