M.O.R.A.: Self-titled: CD

From Helsinki, Finland, M.O.R.A. has been playing a mixture of old and new school, angry hardcore with two female vocalists, with the existing line-up since 2008. Members are / have been in bands such as BLACK BETSY, SPOILED BETTY, CONFUSA and AURINKOKERHO.

The CD came with a short bio of the band and translated lyrics which was cool. You get nine songs in sixteen minutes so no bullshitting around, they get right to it with a brutal instrumental intro that sets the tone for the rest of the album. The first thing that stands out are the two female vocalists that are really strong, aggressive, and angry. They sound quite different, but work really well together with each one complementing the other’s style. Their songs are about vanity, tattoos, progress, substance abuse, capitalism, consumerism, police brutality and other topics that get under their skin. You can hear a lot of old school hardcore influences, but there’s a slight modern touch to it as well that made the band stand out from the crowded playing field. The powerful drumming propels the album forward with the frenetic pounding, the guitar playing is tight and fast as fuck, the bass is thick, and the dual vocals give this fantastic diversity.  I can’t pick out one song that was better than the others, they were all heavy, aggressive, and on point.

Go to their Facebook page and order this CD, download it from their Bandcamp, just get it, this is the real deal kids! Hardcore that will melt your face and the breakdowns will get you up and moshing around the house like a maniac.

https://www.facebook.com/mora09hc  http://mora09hc.bandcamp.com/

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