Having been together since 1982, you know that a live album will be packed to the gills with popular songs and some album tracks as well, but having the big money days of the ’80s behind you , you know have to play your heart out or the fans won’t believe in your ability to keep on rocking with feeling, luckily these guys play with love for their music and put everything into entertaining their fans. In 1997 the original five members reunited for the studio album Neverland and the requisite tour that followed and now after all these years, the live document of that tour is finally released.

The band sounds tight and happy to be together again playing not only their biggest hits, but new at the time songs that fit perfectly into the set and sounded like they were always a part of their repertoire. New songs on this tour “Neverland”, “My Elusive Mind”, “Someday I Will” and “Slap Like Being Born” are all classic sounding tracks performed with heart and soul. Of course all the classics are here “Sister Christian”, “You Can Still Rock In America”, “Sing Me Away”, “Touch Of Madness”, “Rumors In The Air” and more. It’s great to hear the sing-a-longs, stage raps, and extended arrangements that make a live experience like nothing else. There is also a stripped down acoustic section during the concert with “Sentimental Street” and “Forever All Over Again” getting mellowed out. At the end of the album there is a nearly fourteen minute interview with drummer and vocalist Kelly Keagy and guitarist Brad Gillis that goes into stories about the early times and memories of their breakthrough to headline status in the ’80s. With the great playing and impressive job of the live recording, these guys really give a performance that will get you moving and would have been a lot of fun to witness.

With seven domestic live albums and two released in Japan, this doesn’t seem like an album for the casual fan, but really, if you are a casual fan, you probably gave up on them years ago and only want the few songs that you liked when you were young, that is too bad because you’ve missed out on a band that has the passion for music that could turn you into a bigger fan if you would only pick this one up. Grab this album and witness a band in love with their music and their fans.

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