BORN WRONG: Self-titled: 7″

S/T 7" cover art

Hamilton, Ontario’s BORN WRONG has just released a new four song single that carries on the great hardcore sound that they laid down on their previous split single and takes it up a notch. The political and angry lyrics just speak volumes to you, telling you just how fucked up things are and getting you to think. 

First song “Torch The Place” gets the gritty hardcore going with a bang. The screamed lyric “Crisis” just gets your blood pumping, the throbbing bass, and the punishing drums added to the guitar playing just makes this the perfect start to a single that doesn’t lag once. “No Etiquette” just barrels past so fast and angrily that the intensity is almost overwhelming, “Always Here To Help” rails against the police and the false sense of friendliness that they try to put forward and really gives you a taste of how BORN WRONG feel about the cops, and finally “Wage Slave” smashes you in the face like a brick with the speed and bile spat at you.

This blitzkrieg of a single brings back to mind the good old days of hardcore, before it got taken over by tough guy posturing and mediocre playing, these guys fucking mean it maaaaan! Buy this, go see them live, buy their merchandise, go buy me some of their merchandise, just support the hell out of this band.


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