HUNTER VALENTINE: Toronto Indie Band Interview

I had the pleasure of doing an email interview with Toronto, Ontario’s HUNTER VALENTINE and after listening to the great new album, doing the interview was the perfect way to cap off the great songs that I had just listened to. Read the review here…

What/who got you into rock music at first?hunter_valentine_collide_and_conquer

Probably my sister. She is older than me and was going to shows and blasting loud 90’s rock from her stereo. As the younger one, you always sort of follow your older siblings footsteps. Eventually she started asking me for my playlists..

 What styles/types of music did you listen to at first and do you still listen to those types/styles today?
I listen to everything! Punk rock, soul, hip hop, roots music, dance..everything. My musical taste has always been pretty wide ranged.
What bands were you in before this band and do you still hang out with those people/have music from them still?
I only really ever did a solo thing. I had one band before Hunter Valentine. It was with my friend from highschool on drums and we were called, “Trash Before Class”
How did you guys get together?Noname2
I met Laura (the drummer) at a bar that I snuck into when I was 17. Her and I have been playing together ever since then and we have had different variations of the band lineup for the last 8 years.
What kind of jobs do you guys have?
Touring is pretty much our only job.
Who does the writing of the music/lyrics?
I write the lyrics and the band writes the music as a collective
What kind of process is it?Noname6
The process is always different. Sometimes I will bring in a full song and the band will arrange it together, sometimes Laura will or there are occasions when a song is created from the band just jamming out a riff or drumbeat.
How long are your tours?
They are always different. Usually around a month or so..
Do you play a lot of shows?
Yes. Almost 200 a year.
Who have you played with?
Cyndi Lauper, Sum 41, Sam Roberts, Sick of Sarah, Vanity Theft, Social Code, Dragonette, Ace of bass. Carol Pope, I am Dynamite, Hollerado, Hey Rosetta, The Cliks, MEN,
Farthest shows from home?523173_10151286360732562_214070793_n
Best show that you’ve played?
Probably Seattle with Sum 41
How often do you get together to practice/write new songs?
We are always on the road, so there isn’t much time right now for practicing.
Do you play any covers in the show?
Not right now.
Favorite song to play?
The 90210 theme song
Least favorite song to play?Noname3
Don’t have one.
Any bad attitudes/reactions from so-called fans?
Fans get upset when there are lineup changes. It’s understandable, but there have been some people who have been overly angry here and there about that sort of thing.
Favorite beer/least favorite beer?
Fat Tire is a fave. Least favorite is PBR
How long did the recording of the cd take?Noname1
It took about 3 months
Any stories about the making of it?
At one point at the end of recording when we were almost finished the record, the producer lost both hard drives with the whole album on it. We eventually found it, but it was quite a scare.
Any more new releases coming out in the future?
No, we just released an album, so we will be working on promoting that for the time being.
What is available now and where can we get it?Noname5
You can get all 3 of our records on iTunes.
1. The Impatient Romantic
2. Lesson’s from the Late Night
3. Collide and Conquer
Any shirts/pins/patches available?
Yes, you can go to for all merchandise
Anyone in another band?
The guitar player is in an 80’s cover band called, “Vag Halen”
Where do you see the band going in the future?
Up up up
Anyone vegetarian/vegan?
The bass player is a vegetarian
Any causes you’re into?Noname4
The fight for equality and MS awareness.
Any funny or strange stories from your last tour?
On the last tour with Sum 41, I fell asleep first and ended up getting taped to the bed without waking up!

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