HUNTER VALENTINE: Collide And Conquer:

HUNTER VALENTINE was founded in 2004, when best friends Kiyomi McKloskey and Laura Petracca
came together in downtown Toronto, Ontario. The band was on the reality TV series The Real L Word and that gave a lot of people their first taste of them.

“Liar Liar” starts the album off with a catchy and ripping start to the album with a chorus that gets stuck in your head and vocalist Kiyomi McCloskey sings urgently while the band plays a nice mix of rock and pop punk behind her. “Lonely Crusade” has emotive singing, ringing guitar playing, and fantastic drumming, it kind of reminded me of CONCRETE BLONDE a bit, a very nice song, “The Pulse” made me want to get up and dance with the infectious beat that just cries out to be played in a large venue with its huge sound, and “Crying” shows off the sensitive side of the band with its pulsating sound, and McCloskey’s sinewy voice. Drummer Laura Petracca does a great job both exploding out of the kit and pulling back with a deft touch when needed, Somer Bingham as guest keyboardist does a great job filling out the sound of the band, Veronica Sanchez keeps the bass rolling through the songs with a groove that gets into your feet, and McCloskey’s leads are fluid and tight, while her singing goes from a sexy growl to a whisper that tears at your heart. The production is flawless, lots of clarity and smooth without taking away the band’s edginess. “Little Curse (Shit Happens), has the power to knock you off your chair and give your ass a kick at the same time with its delicious keyboard and guitar playing, while the vocals are screamed and sung with intensity, the song would be perfect on the dance floor, “This Bull Rides Tonight” just keeps climbing higher and higher into a crescendo that fills you up, the vocals are heartfelt and the song is just a delight, “Gates Of Hell” is a fast pop punk song that has a bass line that will get you moving to it, another fantastic track, “The Great Canadian Love Song” has the feeling of a new wave song from the ’80s, one of those British guitar new wave bands, not the synthesizer bands with its large and full sound.

The band really did an outstanding job on this album, with tracks that will make you dance, make you long for someone who you love and make you want to hear again. The radio friendly hooks are here along with aggression and emotion, that you will definitely be conquered by this band.


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