Answer With Metal cover art

ANSWER WITH METAL is a heavy / thrash / power metal band based out of Stouffville, ON. whose debut, self titled album is out now. Formed in 2008, the band strengthened it’s sound over the course of three demos, and signed to Spread the Metal Records.

This is a very impressive self-titled debut from ANSWER WITH METAL, with melodies and leads abound, ear-catching solos and soulful and operatic vocals. Coming in at over seven minutes long, first track “Killing God” starts off with a moody orchestral piece that seems to have an ominous touch to it, then the band kicks in with some heavy guitar, powerful drumming, thick bass and soaring vocals. “Writing in Stone” is a standout song with the high vocals by Dan Nielsen grabbing you, the driving force of the song, and the super catchy chorus, and “Generations” has pummeling drums, quick and tasty leads, the bass is rocking in a devastating groove with the drums, Nielsen’s vocals are melodic and it all combines into an awesome track, with a nice gentle break halfway through that sounds more ’70s rock at that point, then they go into harder rock and you just close your eyes and move your head to the grooves until they’re back full speed ahead again. Great pair of songs. “A Chance to Live Again” is a slower song, filled with emotional playing and singing that’s not a wimpy power ballad, but has energy in it, and the band really shows their skill in the playing of that song and the quiet intro to “The Anchor” which then becomes a crushing song bringing back the classic metal sound and feel from the early ’80s, “Two Wrongs (Don’t Make a Right)” brings back the operatic vocals, great leads, and the song is a nice chuggy metal tune, one that you can bang your head to without the fear of it falling off, and finally, “Lest He Forgets” is the final song and it continues the chugging metal with an impossible to resist melody.

Seven songs that will make you break out the denim and leather that is in the back of your closet, if you’re old enough to have it, and make you buy some if you don’t, put on the studded wrist bands, sew on some patches and bang your head old school! A great debut album boys, keep the metal flowing.

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