KROKUS: Dirty Dynamite: CD

KROKUS has been around since 1975, putting out albums to varying degrees of success, with them peaking commercially in the early ’80s. So here we are, seventeen studio albums into their career of playing hard rock / heavy metal with that AC/DC sound we know so well with twelve new tracks to rock your ass off.

“Hallelujah Rock n’ Roll” is the lead off track with growling dogs and the band hitting all the points on this track, great Bon Scott influenced vocals, strong drumming, great guitar licks, bass guitar locked into the groove and a big chorus with the band contributing backup vocals, and super catchy…fuck yeah! KROKUS is back with a bang. “Go Baby Go” is a classic rock song that AC/DC would kill for, with its one-two punch, this album is just what the Dr. ordered. “Rattlesnake Rumble” has a great blues rock sound that gets your head bobbing and makes you want to play air guitar, “Dirty Dynamite” has even more of a blues swagger to it with the vibe of THE FACES to it, nice and groovy with a dirty feel to it, and “Let The Good Times Roll” is back to the hard rock swagger that makes you want to get up and shake it on the dance floor. KROKUS plays like the grunge scene never happened, just good old school hard rock that makes you yearn for radio stations to play again. The band is spot on with the exceptional sound of a band having a great time playing together and doing what they love. “Help” is their version of THE BEATLES song and they make it their own, not playing it note for note, but giving it their own spin on it…good for you boys! The songs are so strong on this album that I’m just going to say that they all were worthy of being on repeat so I’m just going to list the songs on here, “Better Than Sex”, with its obvious lyrics it’s another great song AC/DC never did, “Dog Song” has a “Highway To Hell” vibe, “Yellow Mary” brings back the blues rock with THE FACES sound, “Bailout Blues” is more mid-paced and has that hard rocking blues sound that grabs you and fills your face with a giant smile, “Live Ma Life” is a cousin to “It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll)”, and finally the last song, “Hardrocking Man” tells me nothing I didn’t already know about the band, the are hardrocking men and this album proves that fact perfectly.

Yes I know, AC/DC clone band you say…not really since KROKUS have been around almost as long and have been doing this kind of music since they started. I’ll tell you one thing, AC/DC wishes that they could have made this record, maybe people should get over it and just be happy that these guys are doing what they do best, play blues based rock and roll with raspy vocals, great guitar playing and choruses so catchy that a cold isn’t anywhere nearly as catchy as these songs are. I’m going to listen to this again, you go and get this album, do yourself and KROKUS a favor.

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