THE BUTTS: Second To All: CD

Second To All cover art

Originating from small town southern Illinois in 2006 and now based in Austin, TX, THE BUTTS have released an album of fun punk rock. At the time that this was released, THE BUTTS consisted of Kurt Koegler on vocals and guitar, Jordan Johnson on lead guitar and vocals, Chris Koegler on bass, vocals and banjo, and Josh Edwards on drums and organ.

“We Are The Butts” starts of the festivities with banjo, drums, whiny, snotty vocals and goofy lyrics that made this a great beginning for the album, especially when it kicks off into some nice bouncy punk rock. “Texas Observer” is nice and fast punk rock with the great snotty vocals and gang vocals, bouncing bass, nice guitar licks and pounding drums, and “Succubus” has great gang vocals, lead vocals that are more straight forward, and great playing made this one a favorite. “Big Guns” was more of a hardcore song that will have you slamming nice and hard, and “What To Do” keeps the hard and fast hardcore sound going, but it still has the great gang vocals and chorus that will get you singing along. “Milk & Honey” has a streetpunk sound that they pull off well, especially the Oi! Oi! Oi! chorus, and “What A Horrible World” has gruff vocals and more of a streetpunk sound again and is a great take on “What A Wonderful World” by LOUIS ARMSTRONG. With the different styles that THE BUTTS play on this album, you never get bored because they jump all over, but make it work so well. The playing is just sloppy enough to make you realize that these guys aren’t the punk poster boys, but a real punk band that isn’t afraid to play with that style and move around a bit to make it fun and interesting. The last bunch of songs keep the quality up and round off a great album.

This was one of those albums that grabs you as soon as you start to listen to it and becomes a friend that you want to hear from all of the time. This is what a lot of other punk bands should strive for, diversity on their albums, these guys can do it, why can’t others? Oh yeah, let the CD play, at the end there is a bonus song that kicks ass.


5 thoughts on “THE BUTTS: Second To All: CD

  1. This if four years old, it was also their second album (the first being “Better Than Cops”). But still a good one. Nice Review.

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