CHOSEN: Resolution: CD

Resolution Cover

CHOSEN is a melodic death metal band from Ireland, well really it’s two guys, Paul Shields, who does vocals, guitar, and bass, and David McCann who drums and does percussion. They’ve released a few independent and well-received EPs in the past and have finally put out their debut full length album.

Opener “Engines of Belief” is a great death metal track with great breakdowns and a classic heavy metal solo near the end and has some clean vocals mixed in. “Defective Prospection” is more of a chugging riff oriented song, with galloping riffs leading into a psychedelic progression and the vocals being sung cleanly and some growling vocals mixed in, and “The Narcissism Epidemic” starts off acoustically, really gentle and then the riffs kick in and it’s back to in your face metal with ferocious drumming, the mix of clean and growled vocals and all throughout, some blistering guitar playing. “Mental Clarity” gets some monstrous riffs and heaviness, “Diminishment” has the mixture of softer, almost relaxing music juxtaposed with the more brutal playing and it works beautifully together, and “Instinct” has some great riffs, chugging, and has some fantastic all around playing on the album, a definite highlight. The last three songs just keep the quality going and pile the riffs on nice and thick.

The production job here is one that deserves around of applause especially with all the intense drumming and the variation of moods, the end result came out very balanced. This is very highly recommended, and I was surprised for an independent release, that this solid debut record shows much promise for their future.

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