CAR 87: Trapped: 7″


This four-piece punk band from Vancouver, BC was sick of how the punk scene was being diluted, misrepresented, and slowly turned into a way for hipsters to feel edgy and dangerous, so vocalist Bryce and guitarist Mike, who previously played together in the hardcore / thrash band THOUGHT CRIME got together to right that wrong and start a real punk band. They soon found Dave, a man who regularly destroys drum sets for fun and bass player Jay got in touch with the band after seeing a show. This created the juggernaut of CAR 87.

“Shoot Up And Die” is the explosive first song on this EP, just coming at you at the speed of light and pushing you into another dimension, where punk rock is fast, hard, angry and not for wimps. Bryce rails against hard-drug use and it’s great to see a band not into the glorification of burning out on drugs and fading away, while the band just blazes through the song with energy and power. “Suicide” is another old school hardcore kick in the nuts that brings back memories of slam dancing and having a great time without all of the jocks and metalheads bringing tough guy attitudes to the scene. “Paranoia” has a great bass line starting the song off and carrying on throughout the song, the gruff, pissed off vocals, the insane drumming and the great licks that are tossed out during this song made it have a few different layers than just all out speed, and the final track, “Cock Rock” starts off with a scream and the lyric,”We’re all gonna die!”. With that bellow, you know shit just got real and they fucking mean it man!

This group of guys has taken hardcore back from the imposters, making false punk even more irrelevant than it was before. There is no metal, no emo, no screamo, no fucking bullshit, just punk rock, tasty as the gutter it crawled out of. Get this and get back to the real shit.

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